Multifunctional pipe processing machine. Straightening. End-forming. Pipe bending and cutting.

See what’s possible
Motorised winder

The machine is fed from a coil on a motorized de-coiler: tube advancement and recovery is performed in-process. The drive motor is controlled in both directions.

The de-coiler can be placed in IDLE mode by selecting the function within the VGP3D program which is fully integrated with the machine control.

Control and maximum end-forming accuracy

An integrated laser measurement device guarantees maximum end-forming dimension accuracy and stops production if values which fall out of tolerance are found.

Measuring is done on-the-fly when the tube is extracted from the clamp thus not penalizing the cycle time.

Part piercing, managed automatically

The machine can be used to automatically pierce holes of various diameters or through holes.

Quick tooling setup

Rapid changeover requires the use of just one tool.

Designed for comfort

Easy to read 19” screen.
Intuitive graphical interface using icons.

On board help

Are you a new user or do you only need a refresher?

You will find all the CNC help topics on the machine: instruction manual, maintenance tutorials, exploded part drawings to identify spare parts, and a video guide with ‘how to’ tutorials.