Tubes processing in furniture

Tubes bending and laser cutting to boost design

Initial situation

Lapalma produces furniture for the contemporary homes following a thread made of rational aesthetic, natural materials and use of the most innovative production technologies. The chairs and other products are the result of constant and continuous research of materials and mechanisms that are artfully designed and manufactured.


Production growth has required a structure capable of following furniture market changes in terms of production capacity, flexibly and quality level of the final product. The solution identified by the Marcato brothers was to automate the production floor.


The solution

A quality leap was first made in the tube bending department, when the traditional hydraulic tube benders were replaced by an all-electric E-TURN tube bending machine. It was followed by a Lasertube LT8 machine. A second E-TURN tube bending machine was added later.

With the LT8 laser tube cutting system, single bars are prepared for bending complete with all the necessary holes and facing operations. The bars are then transferred to the electric tube bending machines which, after having correctly oriented the tube in reference to the laser cut features, completes the production cycle by giving the final shape to the tubular pieces.

The benefits

Laser cutting gave us the freedom to experiment with prototype designs that beforehand were not conceivable in furniture industry.

Technical aspects

The availability of all electric benders guarantees part accuracy and facilitates easy production changes and short changeover times.