Tube bending machines for design furniture

Creativity and feasibility compared: 1 to 1

Initial situation

Making symmetrical parts with different fixed and variable radii. Bends and opposite bends.
Excellent cosmetic results. Repeatability. Great flexibility for frequent production changes.
Designs with complex shapes and freedom of form.
These are the needs of the designer furniture industry.


Design furniture: our true love!

Creativity often clashes with production feasibility. The creation of an industrial product is always the result of constant tension between manufacturing constraints and creative ideas.

The benefits

Having a high degree of flexibility provides the ability to be competitive for large product families and the gives the capability to quickly react to the changes required by the market.

Technical aspects

The electric control of the tube bending machine of all axis allows the production of tight radii and complex shapes with the guarantee of perfect repeatability. Produce these challenging bends:

  • average bending radii Ø 1D
  • ovalisation < 1%
  • no clamping marks.