Tube bending machine for racing go-kart chassis

Accuracy and productivity of the CNC ELECT-M bending machine for go-karts chassis

Initial situation

Phantom Racing Chassis, in North Carolina, is a leading manufacturer of racing go-cart chassis. A passion for carting was the spark that launched a business. Most technical innovations come from driver feedback and from the knowledge the founder and owner has gained over the years.


Phantom Racing Chassis started off with a manual tube bending machine, which was later replaced by a hydraulic tube bender. The switch to an all electric bender wasn’t driven by production volumes but instead by the need for accuracy and improved part quality. Today, PRC is highly automated with all-electric CNC benders, welding robots and precision measuring machines.


The solution

The drivers explain what they need and Phantom Racing Chassis implements the improvements. It was the same for BLM GROUP USA, which supplied the machines and technology PRC. Robotic welding requires absolute precision of the parts to be welded. Obtaining this precision with a hydraulic tube bender was unthinkable. This requirement drove the acquisition of a BLM ELECT52 bender. The electric machine increased accuracy and performance compared to the hydraulic machine, but that was not the only change: programming simplicity is another key advantage. With the addition of the BLM tube bending machine Phantom Racing Chassis could finally gain access to a new market; manufacturing parts for the teams that race cars on the NASCAR circuit.

The benefits

The initial investment was quickly paid back by the production speed and by the increase in in accuracy, repeatability and ease of use.

Technical aspects

All-electric CNC bending machines guarantees maximum accuracy and quick and easy production changeover.