Motorcycle frames processing with zero scrap

Tube bending machine and Lasertube, a winning combination for motorcycle makers

Initial situation

CF MOTO is a China-based maker of road bikes and ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) for recreation and sports.

With a distribution network in 70 countries, CF MOTO makes 98 different models of vehicles and 51 different engines.


In a company like this, the overall production volume is high, but the single batches are small and change quickly. There are many types of frames, bodies, engines and mechanical components and often runs of just a few hundred pieces of each part are needed. Quality levels and delivery deadlines must be respected despite the very high number of products.

Having a fast and flexible production process is essential.


The solution

Investing in technology means guaranteeing maximum flexibility and efficiency to quickly produce even very small batches while keeping the quality levels high.

The key element of the improvement process was the adoption of versatile systems capable of guaranteeing accurate machining, adaptability, repeatability and high production rates:

ELECT40 is an all-electric bending system used for bending frames and other tubular components, while ensuring accuracy and high-quality appearance.

The tube laser cutting system LT5 is used to develop new products and to laser-cut tubular profiles to make frames and many other components, flexibly and fast.

“We can now make parts that we could not before. Project which were once impossible due to manufacturing constraints are now feasible!”, said Mr. Liu Jianlin, Process Technology Manager of CFMOTO.

The benefits

The ELECT 40 has trebled productivity and provides superior quality bends. Before it was adopted, about 10-15% of the production was rejected and now that percentage is reduced nearly down to 0%.

The LT5 laser cutting machine processes tubular profiles. Integrated into the production process, it inspires us to develop new opportunities from the drawing board. Assembly times and costs are drastically reduced and production is streamline and flexible.



Technical aspects

The ELECT 40 does not need adjustments. It is entire managed by the VGP3D software, which products the behavior of the material allowing even inexpert users to make the required parts without needing time-consuming bending tests.

The LT5 can be used to design parts adopting a modular and parametric approach to make pieces which fit together very simply and accurately.