Tube and pipes bending machines in boiler pipes sector

The most efficient way to work from coil and tube

Initial situation

The production of wall-mounted boilers faces daily challenges of ever more complicated piping layouts with very close bend patterns, very narrow radii and a wide variety of material types (copper, aluminium, stainless steel) all built to tight tolerances. Plus, part cost must be minimized and production must be non-stop, 24/7. This means that a system reliability needs to be close to 100%.

Depending upon the application requirements, BLM GROUP can provide a variety of different, dedicated solutions developed based on decades of experience in the sector.
Solutions span from standalone systems to complete integrated production processes.

The benefits

The technical features of BLM GROUP tube bending machines, their reliability and the availability of support from a worldwide service network makes BLM GROUP an ideal equipment partner.

Technical aspects

A wide array of models means that you can find the best solution for a bending and endforming application to automate the entire process.