Production from coil of HVAC systems

Flexible and complete bending machine starting from coil

Initial situation

AAON is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, a very competitive market where a continuous effort in producing innovative technological products is necessary to gain new shares and where to be more efficient, the right partnership can make the difference.


AAON’s goal was to produce single batches of HVAC systems in an efficient and flexible way, so to meet the various market needs, respecting times and customization requests of each customer.
That is the reason why flexible production systems capable of integrating bending and end-forming as well as to adapt rapidly to production changes were necessary.


The solution

4-RUNNER, CNC tube bending machine, has been the answer. A flexible and complete production system that starting from coil, carries out straightening, end-forming (up to 6 passes), butting, bending, cutting and unloading of finished part, the ideal machine for HVAC components.

“Flexibility is essential for our relationship with BLM GROUP” affirms Doug Wichman, AAON production engineer: “The 4-RUNNER turned out to be an incredibly versatile machine and this is essential for our type of production”.

The benefits

Top flexibility in terms of adaptability to production changes, feasible machining and possible applications.
Top efficiency and low investment costs with integrated processes and the possibility of implementing just-in-time methods

Technical aspects

The tube and pipe bending machine 4-RUNNER can be configured with different modules to perform basic machining all the way to a complete production process: from straightening to unloading of “end-formed, bent, cut” part.
Only one management point: the VGP3D software can monitor all processes, even remotely, to import parts to be produced from a CAD 3D model and quickly generate quotations.