Tubes and sheets processing for playground equipment

Manufacturing is child's play

Initial situation

Lappset is a Finnish leader in playground equipment for children and fitness equipment for adults which will soon be celebrating 45 years of business. Currently run by the second generation, they have plants in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Holland and sell our products in over forty countries worldwide generating a total turnover of approximately 50 million Euro.


Metal and plastics to have become the construction material of choice for playground equipment replacing wood. For this reason, they decided to open a plant in Tallinn dedicated to metal fabrications. This makes it possible to do jobs that were once outsourced to now control the process and exploit economies of scale. Improving quality, reducing costs and being more flexible in manufacturing new solutions are the goals of this plant to supply the headquarters and an increasingly large customer base in the Baltic area and the rest of the world.


LAPPSET - La soluzione

The solution

The Tallinn plant was equipped right from the start with state of the art machines capable of ensuring maximum quality with different jobs: laser cutting, tube and sheet bending, assembly, welding and painting of playground and fitness equipment. Tubes and sheet are cut, bent and welded using welding robots and manual welding. Two complementary BLM machines were purchased for tube processing: a Lasertube LT722D system for laser cutting and an ELECT80 tube bending system.

To learn how to use the laser machines, the operators attended training courses in Italy with an engineer from Finland to exploit all the potentials of Lasertube technology. Today by exploiting the cut-bend technology of LT722D a frame part can be made in one piece from a round tube. In the past the same part would have been made from four different pieces welded together. Given the processing time, the logistic advantages of handling one single part instead of four separate ones and - above all - the huge time saved in the welding step mean that part cost decreases considerably.

The Artube programming system completes the equipment. Practical, quick and user-friendly, it makes it possible to easily make part programs starting from zero.

The benefits

The integrated tube processing systems optimises the manufacturing cycle of various products and improves material flow. The laser cut-and-bend system also guarantee accuracy and quality essential for assembly of playground and fitness equipment. All with considerable cost savings on the finished part.

Technical aspects

Laser versatility and flexibility can be exploited to process even complex parts efficiently for accurate, clean and high quality results. All-electric bending guarantees maximum accuracy and quick and easy changes of production.