Laser cutting for job shops

Switching from sheet to tube in no time

Initial situation

Centro Laser is a job shop specializing in sheet and tube cutting. They are based in Santorso (VI) Italy and are part of the SOVEM Group. With its five metal fabrication divisions, SOVEM supplies a complete service which includes cutting, mechanical processing, treatments, welding and assembly. Centro Laser was established as a cutting department within SOVEM and then split to become a separate company.


The shortage of highly skilled fabrication experts capable of creating a finished part just from a drawing was solved by adding a laser system. In 2004-2005 Centro Laser purchased a second-hand, rebuilt BLM GROUP, ADILAS laser system. In 2007 the added a combination machine, the LT COMBO, which made it possible to enter the tube market. This machine is widely used in the metal fabrications sector. It was not easy getting a foothold in laser tube processing, but today Centro Laser could not do without it.


The solution

The sheet laser cutting machine took the place of traditional shearing and punching machines. With its peerless speed and cutting quality, the BLM GROUP LC5 combination laser is ideal for processing tubes that expands the potential market.
The processing accuracy of the laser systems ensures complex joints that are extremely easy to assemble: this is the most important advantage for Centro Laser. Metal workers who used to cut, weld and work by hand in the workshop have been replaced by programmers who draw the parts on CAD/CAM upstream of the process and prepare the job orders for the automatic production systems.
Today, for example, to make a batch of a thousand of grilles, they have gone from over 6 minutes per part to just 2 minutes, without counting the savings derived from better electrical efficiency.
For subcontractors like Centro Laser that change production ten times a day, the versatility of LC5 is another winning feature. Being able to switch from sheet to tube instantly or even being able to interrupt a sheet job to make way for an urgent tube and then resume it afterwards from the same point is an irreplaceable advantage.

The benefits

The initial investment was quickly paid back by the production speed, reliability, repeatability and ease of use of the machine. The fact of being able to address two different markets – that of tubes and that of sheets - with the combined system offers major commercial opportunities.

Technical aspects

LC5 is the laser cutting system for tubes and sheets. It guarantees perfect performance even on high-reflecting material (such as copper, aluminium, brass), in addition to ensuring high quality and low operating costs. The versatility and flexibility of laser makes it possible to switch from sheet to tube in no time.