Lasertube: efficient tubes and pipes handling from all points of view

Loading, unloading and handling without scratches or dents is important for cutting quality

Initial situation

Whenever part appearance is crucial, it is essential to handle the material in controlled manner. This applies to both the whole bar and to the cut parts. Mishandling can lead to nicks and scratches that can cause rejects and other quality issues.

La soluzione

The solution

Parts processed on the Lasertube family of laser cutting machines are constantly supported and transferred on non-marring surfaces. Nicks and scratches are avoided to preserve the surface integrity of the tubes. High quality results are achieved for the entire production run.

The benefits

The effectiveness of a production process is not unlike a relay race. Its results depend strongly on its overall efficiency. This means both cutting efficiency and the rapid and efficient handling of the raw bars straight through to the discharge of the finished parts.

Technical aspects

Scratch-proof, non-marring transfer surfaces and accurate settings of the bar gripping devices keep the part surface finish intact while the laser does the cutting. Bars transfer through the machine on slides and finished parts are accumulated on a collection bench that prevents nicks and scratches.