In perfect form

Lasertube and bending for the world of fitness

Initial situation

Health clubs and physical therapy clinics worldwide attract a crowd of increasingly more discerning customers who expect to find high quality equipment that perfectly responds to their sports and fitness needs or their rehab requirements. It doesn’t matter if its training professional athletes or rehabilitation for the injured or elderly they want fitness equipment that is durable, has excellent design, and is bio-mechanically accurate, which is ideal for users of all ages and physical conditions.


The requirements dictate the need to make parts with different fixed radii and variable radii, for complex bend patterns on different tubular shapes with high repeatability and excellent cosmetic appearance.

The benefits

Having broad flexibility provides the ability to maintain a competitive edge to produce large product families while maintaining the responsiveness needed to respond to changing market demands.

Technical features

The electric control of all axis allows the production of tight radii and complex shapes with the guarantee of perfect repeatability. Capable of producing bent prats with:

  • average bend radii Ø 1D
  • ovalisation < 1%
  • no clamp marks.