Laser cutting furniture metal components

LT FIBER for the fastest possible changeover

Initial situation

In Slovenia, KGZ Ltd produces metal components under its own brand and for third parties, mainly intended for the office furniture industry.
The increase in quality came in 1995, when they started producing furniture components as subcontractors for a local company. “In Slovenia there was a scarcity of quality furniture components – explains Franci - and we saw an opportunity to grow quickly”.


Initially the tubes were cut and bent by hand, then a miter saw was added but when the quantities increased and we needed a solution that could ensure a high degree of flexibility, but also ease of use and programming.


The solution

The addition of the laser helped both in the point of view of the quick processing of individual products, as well as in the increase of product quality.

The benefits

In Slovenia, tube lasers are rare. In contrast, flat sheet lasers are now quite common and the hourly price for processing is dropping to a point that is no longer attractive. While in comparison the hourly rate for laser tube cutting commands a 20% - 40% premium over flat sheet cutting.

Technical aspects

The machines don’t operate for 15 or 20 hours on the same batch, but instead produce several small batches of furniture metal components and, therefore, we needed to have the fastest possible changeover. This was one of the key elements for assessment during the purchase of the Lasertube. The LT FIBER laser cutting system completes the production change over in fully automatic mode. That is key!