Integration of lasertube and tube bending machines

Automatic tube bending and fiber laser tube cutting system: only 2 minutes to make a BMW luggage rack.

Initial situation

TOURATECH AG, established in 1996, grew rapidly. Today they employ 270 staff members in the Niedereschach facility where mechanical and metal parts are made for major motorcycle manufacturers. BMW changed everything for TOURATECH when they saw the excellent potentials of their luggage racks.


Automation was the only way TOURATECH could make high-quality products while keeping down production costs and remaining competitive. For this reason, their old hydraulic bending systems were replaced by an E-TURN. In 2012 a Lasertube LT5 system with fiber laser source was added for laser cutting tubes.


The solution

The E-TURN bends tubes up to 32 mm diameter. By exploiting all-electric bending capabilities, this machine can guarantee repeatability and accuracy in bends which would have be unthinkable with the previous hydraulic systems.

The addition of the Lasertube LT5 fiber laser cutting machine has guaranteed part accuracy while reducing both production times and product costs. They went from 10 minutes to make a luggage rack part using traditional methods to just 2 minutes using laser technology. Several process steps were eliminated. Laser technology makes it possible to modify part drawings and create perfect joints. Another important advantage of BLM GROUP machines is related to the possibility of integrating multiple technologies. TOURATECH utilizes B_Tools system to obtain accurately bent tubes from the very first part. But this feature alone would not be sufficient unless the parts are accurately pre-cut by the laser system. Normally holes cut in straight tubes wind up being out of position when bent due to stretching and spring back. The solution was to create a software connection between the laser and bender which made it possible for the two systems to communicate to obtain correctly bent and cut parts from the first attempt.

The benefits

The initial investment was quickly paid back by the production speed, accuracy, reliability and ease of installation and use. Integrating bending and laser technology together also means being able to exploit the potentials of both technologies.

Technical aspects

Laser versatility and flexibility can be exploited to process complex parts efficiently for accurate, clean and high quality results. All-electric bending guarantees maximum accuracy even when bending out of plane or tight radii.