Industry 4.0 in tube processing

Smart solutions for smart factories

Initial situation

Reduce delivery time.
Increase efficiency.
Improve quality.
Enhance flexibility.
They are no longer alternative choices, rather paradigms that are developed simultaneously.


In a competitive global market, the production format changes quickly.
Today, small production lots are requested and products vary from one to another. It is necessary to reduce production time and cost while always ensuring great quality.
In this context, the operations that are still performed manually can negatively impact cycle time and your production costs.


The solution

The bending, laser cutting and shaping systems from BLM GROUP communicate with each other. They simulate the production processes with the goal of simplifying the work of the operator and solve, autonomously where possible, any issues that may arise.
The systems can be implemented with varied degrees of automation up to a level of fully automatic movement.
But not only that, BLM GROUP’s production management systems reach is extended with Protube for the logistics, planning, monitoring and production analysis stage, with the possibility of integrating itself with your own information system.

Industry 4.0
The benefits

Optimization of material.
Elimination of test parts and waste.
Integrated management from a single command post.
Dialogue with the corporate ERP.
Reactivity and just-in-time.
Constant monitoring of systems and order cost.
These are the benefits that can be obtained thanks to the implementation of Industry 4.0 technology.

Technical aspects

Thanks to the fact that all BLM GROUP systems are intelligent systems, able to interact with each other, to integrate with automatic movement systems and communicate with external programs (corporate ERP, etc.).