A wide range of bending machine from coil

From coil bending systems, with or without mandrel to produce complex shapes

Initial situation

The needs remain the same:
reduce the cost per component and produce pieces with increasingly complex shapes for increasingly limited spaces.


The BLM GROUP’s from coil systems, with or without mandrel have the typical characteristics of from coil processing (reduced raw material purchasing cost, reduced waste and elimination of intermediate handling and storage semi-manufactured parts), but is different due to integrated process management, the All-Electric technology and a single management point with VGP.
Complete production processes that start from the coil, straightening, end-forming, bending, cutting and unloading the finished piece in a controlled manner.

The benefits

The BLM GROUP from coil systems were created to reduce costs, increase productivity and meet the technological requirements of your customers at all times.

Technical aspects

A wide range of solutions from coil, with or without mandrel, which can be configured in different ways and customized by selectively activating only the processes you want to achieve.