Double-head wire bending machine = double productivity

Maximum flexibility and reducing of cycle time per part.

Initial situation

Metal wire processing, in all its forms and applications, is a speciality of Bonpez. Based in Corte Franca, near Brescia Italy, they manufacture products and conduct in-depth feasibility studies to optimise costs and resolve any difficulties.


Bending wire using single-head technology created problems in terms of final part quality: each bend increased the wire overhang and this interfered with the process to the extent that the final results were often inaccurate. Switching to a double-head bending machine was the optimal solution.


The solution

The DH2010VGP double-head bending machine purchased in 2010 from BLM brilliantly solved the problem. Furthermore, switching to all-electric technology, combined with the availability of VGP programming software and machining management, turned out to be the winning idea. Now, very little time is needed to start production: 3D files can be imported directly from CAD or, alternatively, the geometric data of the wire can be entered. The VGP3D quickly creates the program and simulates the part. The all-electric axes are managed by the CNC and all positions and power parameters are saved together within the part program. This ensures quick setup and repeatable accurate positioning when production is changed.

The benefits

Double-head processing maximises flexibility both in terms of production planning and reduced cycle time per part. As a result, customers are provided a complete service with finished parts very rapidly.

Technical aspects

No hydraulics. Quiet. No manual adjustments needed during set up. And it is eco-friendly, too. All-electric bending guarantees maximum accuracy and quick and easy change overs.