Speed and accuracy: on go-carts and tube bending machines alike

ELECT-M tube bending: high quality and manufacturing costs cutting.

Initial situation

IP Karting S.r.l., based in Salizzole near Verona, Italy, makes go-carts under the famous Praga brand name by combining innovative spirit and modern production control technologies. Established in 2011 and making some 2000 go-carts a year, they are one of the four largest manufacturers in the world. And they want to grow.


The "secret" of IP Karting is to focus on the quality and beauty of the product, as well as on the customer service. In addition they concentrate on meeting delivery times, which is a highly appreciated in the industry. The cost of labor is high in Italy and the need to automate is crucial. IP Karting works on a single shift but before leaving for the evening each machine is loaded to work all night if possible. The BLM ELECT40 tube bending machine was the right answer to guarantee quality, automation, and production speed.

IP KARTING - La soluzione

The solution

IP Karting had already used tube bending machines but production changed when the ELECT40 arrived. The CNC tube bending machine was fast and its accuracy was amazing. The system equipped with B_Tools made it possible to save a lot of time and eliminate rejects. Another advantage was in the possibility to use three different radius tools: the three bend method used by IP Karting means they can operate efficiency without ever changing the tool. The engineers program in 3D CAD using the VGP system and transfer the program directly to the machine where the operator can start working straight away without wasting time in trial and error testing.

The benefits

The initial investment was quickly paid back by the production speed and the accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Technical aspects

The All-Electric technology of the ELECT tube bending machine guarantees accuracy, maximum repeatability and automatic adjustments with torque control. The BLM service organisation and technical assistance ensures support when needed.