Tube bending and end-forming machine - made for each other, all in-one

The coil-fed system for tube bending and forming on both ends was created to boost your productivity

Initial situation

Independent machines with dedicated operators.
Sequential jobs.
Intermediate storage for semi-finished products.


Inefficient production cycle and non-integrated production.

The solution

Coil-fed processing with 3-RUNNER, SMART, E-SHAPE and E-FORM endforming machines means that you can overlap the times of the various operations and work non-stop 24/7, regardless of the operator.

The benefits

Minimize part cost.

Overlap the times of the various operations.

Eliminate intermediate steps and part reworking.

Work non-stop 24/7.

Technical aspects

All-Electric axis control of all jobs: end-forming, cutting, bending and rolling with viewing systems for accuracy, repeatability and quality always at the top.

You have a single integrated point for controlling the entire process from a single terminal.