Automotive A/C systems: tube bending and forming

Complex shapes, thin walled materials: cnc tube bending and end-forming machines

Initial situation

The pressure to reduce manufacturing costs, the need to meet increasingly difficult challenges (tight radii, thin wall materials, complex shapes to fit in small spaces etc.), uptime requirements, the demands for defect free production: these are the principles underlying our product development.
Solutions span from standalone bending systems to fully integrated production processes.

Air conditioning systems today have increasingly more contorted, close bend patterns, very tight radii and expensive materials. There is tremendous pressure to keep part costs down. Production must run non-stop, 24/7. This means a system must operate at close to 100% availability.

Depending on the specific requirements BLM GROUP can offer a variety of different, dedicated bending and endforming solutions, each capitalizing on decades of experience in the automotive industry.

The benefits

The technical features of BLM GROUP tube bending machines coupled with their reliability and worldwide service network makes BLM GROUP the ideal equipment partner for the automotive industry.

Technical aspects

The all-electric control of every axis and simplified control system provides BLM GROUP machines with guaranteed process reliability and system availably of close to 100%.