All-In-One solution

Handling small and large batches with the same efficiency

Initial situation

Laser cutting and bending processes often used together to create a final product.
To successfully use these two independent processes it is necessary to modify the machine programs to achieve an accurate final result.


Through the use of test bends and subsequent optimizations you can compensate for the tube elongation created while bending. However, you must manually edit the laser cutting program to make sure that the cutting geometries are in the correct final position. All this takes a lot of time and creates considerable scrap.


The solution

BLM GROUP machines are designed to communicate with each other. 
With BLM GROUP machines, it is possible to import the 3D models of the product, both bent tubes and laser-cut tubes, and automatically generate programs items for all of the technologies involved (laser, sawing, bending). 
The laser cutting and bending programs will interact and implement corrections needed to meet the geometric tolerances for the end product.

The benefits

Full automation of programming for the entire process. Elimination of the trial and error testing required to adjust the programs. Reduced reliance on operator skills. Repeatability and precision of the final parts. No rejected items.

Technical aspects

The Lasertube corrects the positions of the cut features prior to bending to account for the stretch and elongation that will occur during the bending process.
The tube bender identifies the pre-cut features and references them to place the bends where required.

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