All electric wire bending machine

Double-head wire bending machine for perfect flatness

Initial situation

Abl Tråddetaljer makes metal wire products both for themselves (wall mounted CD racks) and as a subcontractor for a wide variety of industries each with its own needs and issues.  Over the years Abl has worked with various models of wire bending machines.


Using  a traditional single-head bending machine, Abl could not make certain special parts and, above all, they could not guarantee the quality and delivery times  that their customers – some of which are key players in their industry – demand. This is why Abl owner Mr. Juha Karthu chose the BLM DH4010VGP wire bending machine.

La soluzione

The solution

The main advantage of the BLM DH4010VGP wire bending machine is that of being able to process parts using two heads at the same time: the product is made in a few steps with little overhanging material and finished part flatness is guaranteed. Naturally, increased process efficiency also allows faster production changes for both large and small batches.
The All-Electric technology of the wire bending machine DH4010VGP is a major technological improvement in itself. It used to take a hours to switch from one part to the other with an operator continuously present. Now, it takes just 20 minutes to change over and the electric machine can run unmanned. 
The powerful, easy to use, programming software is crucial for obtaining different jobs.

The benefits

Double-head processing provides a considerable cycle time savings which translates to more parts per hour.

Technical aspects

This is possible thanks to all-electric operation which guarantees accuracy and quick and easy production changeovers.