CNC bending machine for household appliances

4-RUNNER to bend millions of different aluminium tubes

Initial situation

Copreci Systems based in Mareno di Piave, Italy is specialized in the production of tubes for gas stoves, ovens and professional kitchens. In 2001 it was purchased by the Copreci Group with a very clear strategic objective: to supply complete subsystems to end customers.


Copreci Systems designs and develops each valve in-house and then customises them to the needs of each individual client. Copreci Systems makes nearly 3.5 million main pipes (also called "ramps") per year and other 9.5 million secondary aluminium tubes are processed. The minimum batch size is striking: just six parts. Flexible tube bending machines and highly automated production processes are needed to make a batch of just six parts and switch to another batch of a few thousand ramps with the same quality and reliability every time. This is where the capabilities of BLM solution come into play.


The solution

BLM was a Copreci Systems partner even before the company joined the group. The aluminium tube processing know-how of Copreci Systems contributed to the evolution of BLM machines from the PlaUno and the Planet to the latest addition to the line-up, the fastest and most flexible 4-RUNNER.
Today BLM bending and end-forming machines are a like little army. The systems can be started quickly in just a few steps by calling up the settings from a database to exploit the quick tool change feature. Only in this way could the company remain competitive on a market characterised by a high number of variable product codes.
In the case of expensive tube bending machines, production speed and thus the performance means that the initial capital investment can be rapidly returned.
By exploiting BLM GROUP production process automation as much as possible, Copreci Systems has doubled their revenue without doubling the number of workers. The production model and many of the technical solutions installed at the Mareno di Piave plant have been exported to other Copreci plants, including those where the cost of labor is low, like in China and Mexico.

The benefits

Investing in technology means guaranteeing maximum flexibility and efficiency to quickly produce small batches with high quality levels. Production speed can be exploited to the max helped by the rapid response of the BLM service department to help solve any issues or malfunctions.

Technical aspects

All-electric bending and end-forming machines ensure high tolerance, accuracy and ease of production in addition to quick times.