Laser cutting fitness equipment

LT8.10 3D laser cutting chosen by DK CITY

Initial situation

DK City was established in 1987 in Taichung, Taiwan to manufacture electric armchairs and beds. In 1995 the company decided to enter the fitness equipment industry by supplying the world's leading manufacturers with complete products or finished assemblies in addition to sharing design know how and experience. Recently, DK City has also launched their own brand - DK Fitness - for direct sales to the luxury market. Another product line was kicked off in 2000: eco-friendly electric scooters, then golf carts, battery operated bicycles, electric wheelchairs and electric kick scooters. Today, EZpro electric pedal assisted bicycles and E-bike electric bicycle ranges are sold worldwide, including in the United States and Europe.


High tech at competitive prices has always been the promise that DK CITY makes to customers. Parts were initially supplied by external job shops but this precluded some of the more sophisticated jobs and solutions and consequently access to high-level international customers. In 2014 the company decided to control the entire production cycle and opened a plant dedicated to fabrication. Its capabilities include: laser cutting, bending, punching and MIG welding. The entire plant pivots around a Lasertube LT8.10.

DK CITY - La soluzione

The solution

With the 3D laser cutting machine LT8.10DK CITY has revised its 'business model' and increased its production quality standards. The processing time of the Lasertube is far lower than the competition: 1 minute and 48 seconds versus the 4 minutes of the fastest competitor.
One particularly appreciated feature of the LT8.10 system is having two different loaders and three unloading zones which ensured maximum operating flexibility. Without forgetting programming ease: Artube makes system use easy even for not highly specialised operators.


The benefits

The initial investment was quickly paid back by the production speed. But it also paid off in accuracy, reliability and ease of use. The products designed and made with the LT8.10 system achieve previously unthinkable quality levels and appearance results.

Technical aspects

Laser versatility and flexibility can be exploited to process even complex parts efficiently for accurate, clean and high quality results.