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Service network
There is always someone available. Wherever and whenever you need

Wherever you are you can find a local service center near you that is able to provide tailor-made services, with local, factory trained, staff.

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BLM GROUP remote support
Close, smart, advantageous

Remote support is the most immediate channel to assist you in real time. Our experts can diagnose exactly what the problem is and find a solution, rapidly and with the highest effectiveness

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Maintenance plans
Preventive laser maintenance: maximum up time

Slash downtime. Maximize system productivity. Plan maintenance according to your production requirements. Maintain the value of your system over time: these are the goals of our maintenance contracts. You can choose from three maintenance plans, each of which guarantees a service visit on your timeframe. What is more, you can count on a clearly defined price, which includes labor and spare parts.

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Activate your potential

BLM GROUP Academy gives you the tools to be even more efficient, refine the quality of your products and overcome everyday challenges. You can learn from practical training at our facility and see first-hand all our technology, when you have time from home or from the office, participate in one of our many webinars or E-learning courses, or schedule custom training at your facility. Choose what works best for you!

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Reserved area

You have 24 hours a day, 7 day a week access to an exclusive customer portal on our website containing specialized technical information and services.
You can download manuals, software updates, manage your software licenses and view tutorials.

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Financing services

We collaborate with several financial institutions to provide alternative financing solutions.
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