The new generation in tubes laser cutting

Meeting point of all fiber laser cutting excellences for tubes and profiles.

See what’s possible
All the information you need, when and where you need it

Everything will come naturally to you from the first use of the new display. The new interface has a totally remodeled look but is familiar at the same time: all inputs follow the same logic you are already familiar with; but now everything is even more fluid and reactive. The tool bar is arranged in a clear, tidy manner and the icons are easily recognizable. In short, interacting with the new interface will be a pleasure, first time and every time.

All the information you need, when and where you need it
Cutting with LT7:
no experience needed

You don’t have to be a laser expert to determine the most suitable cutting parameters for a certain material type and thickness.
The machine control includes a comprehensive database of laser parameters that can be adapted to your part program and process requirements, helping you get into production faster.

On board help

Are you a new user or do you only need a refresher?

You will find all the CNC help topics on the machine: instruction manual, maintenance tutorials, exploded part drawings to identify spare parts, and a video guide with ‘how to’ tutorials.

On board help