Redefine the rules of 3D laser cutting

Stepping into the world of 3D laser cutting has never been so interesting

See what’s possible
Make the most of your space

The small footprint of the LT360 means you can maximize your available floor space.

Place it wherever you want, even in the smallest spaces. Integrate it into your production chain.

Minimum footprint, maximum production!

3D laser cutting cell configurations, LT360 configurations
Always choose safety

The enclosure is entirely made of aluminium, designed for complete laser protection, and is equipped with a safety-interlocked access door, to safely manage loading and unloading.

Laser safety, laser safety cutting, 3D fiber laser cutting cell
Integrated technology

Like every BLM GROUP machine, the LT360 is also designed to be All-In-One. In other words, it can communicate with other technologies to make your production even more efficient and the quality of your products even better.

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Programming from another planet

Program your part with a simple, user-friendly graphic interface. Simulate the work cell and calculate the cycle time with a few simple clicks. In addition, for bent tubes, you can optimize the cutting path to reduce waste very simply, without having to redesign it.

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