Fiber laser cutting is all grown up

3D laser cutter for tubes up to 355 mm (14”) in diameter, open and special shaped structural beams

See what’s possible
LT14 FIBER: 3D laser cutter for structural beams and tubes
LT14 FIBER: fiber laser cutting machine for structural beams
  • processing large tubes up to 100 kg/m (67 lb/ft)
  • loading and unloading lengths up to 18 m (60’)
  • fully automatic adjustments
  • 3D cutting with fiber laser source up to 5 kW
  • cuts tubes, structural beams  and open or special profiles (IPE)
  • cuts all metals including highly reflective alloys: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass
A new perspective for cutting large diameters

The LT14 FIBER cuts large diameter tubes rapidly and accurately by use of an innovative structure that rapidly moves the cutting head, not the tube. With this approach, you can obtain neater and more accurate geometries because the tube is gripped once at the beginning and is not released until the end of processing.

Zero scrap. The end of scrap and waste

The two through chucks have dual functions; both rolling the tube and clamping it.

This way the tube is never released thus making the cuts more accurate.

The cutting head automatically travels from one side of the chuck to the other according to the geometries to be made and utilizing the entire length of the bar without producing scrap.

Zero scrap. The end of scrap and waste
The advantages of fiber laser cutting

Laser cutting of thick-walled tubes, such as structural beams, provides cost and part quality advantages when compared to traditional plasma or oxygen cutting. The laser performs accurate cuts needed to meet the required tolerances; without the need for grinding or other re-work. The laser cut edges are ready for welding without any additional weld prep. The LT14 FIBER laser cutter consolidates multiple operations that would normally require multiple set ups, plus additional handling and labor.

Laser cutting machine for structural steel beams - LT14 FIBER
Loading and unloading tubes with maximum efficiency and safety

The fully enclosed cutting area guarantees the highest safety standards: the double wall design allows the bar to be loaded, cut and unloaded without switching off the laser and interrupting cutting.

The chain loader: one bar after the next, seamlessly

Different shaped bars can be randomly arranged in sequence on the chain loader. Each bar will be separated and loaded without manual intervention. The double safety enclosure of the working line is used to load the next bar without interrupting the cutting operation in progress. This provides both flexibility and process efficiency.

Maximum protection from drops or damage

The handling carriages move vertically to support the bars during processing.

The cut parts are positioned for unloading anywhere along the entire X axis.

This makes part removal easier and makes it possible to segregate tubes in separate locations according to length or part type.

Maximum protection from drops or damage
A fast track for short parts

An automatic metal belted conveyor collects parts shorter than 900 mm (36”) and conveys them out of the machine.

Cut parts can be segregated according to type and length and then discharged for convenient collection.

A fast track for short parts
Dynamic nesting: saving of time and material

When processing large diameter thick walled tubes every inch of material saved provides an increase in profit margin. LT14 FIBER can nest parts dynamically: during loading it measures the bar and then determines the most efficient part arrangement of the part program according to the real, not the theoretical, bar length. This maximizes utilization of the bar and minimizes scrap.

Dynamic nesting: saving of time and material
The advantages fiber laser cutting
More efficiency and less power consumption

The increased electrical efficiency of fiber laser technology drastically slashes the electrical consumption of the system which means a monthly savings on your utility bills and a reduction in the initial investment in electrical equipment and services.

Superior performance on thin walled materials

The faster speed of nitrogen fiber laser cutting on thin walled tubes more than doubles machine productivity compared to CO2: mild steel and stainless steel up to 8 mm (.3125”) thick are the materials that typically benefit the most from fiber laser technology.

No laser maintenance needed

The fiber laser does not require routine maintenance or rebuilding procedures. No laser gas is needed. Laser beam quality is stable over time and is available immediately upon start up.

New materials and new opportunities

Copper and brass, materials which were off-limits with CO2 technology can be easily cut with fiber laser. Even tricky to cut aluminium and galvanized steels have no limits. Fiber technology offers new opportunities and a more robust production method for difficult materials.

Artube: double your options

Artube makes your life much easier and speeds up your work. See how.

Reduce the piece part cost with one click

With the ‘BLMelements’ planning software no particular experience is needed to start production on a Lasertube machine. Standard (round, square, rectangular) or open and special sections of the H or IPE type can be processed with the same efficacy.

With one click, add chamfers to geometries or holes in preparation for welding.

With one click, add tabs and slots between multiple tubes with laser accuracy.

With one click, save time and slash part costs.

Reduce the piece part cost with one click
Cut of the future

Using laser technology means having more architectural design freedom and the accompanying benefit of higher efficiency for alternate structural constructions. Applications are endless.

Examples of application with LT14 - FIBER