LT14, LT20 and LT24: complete maintenance course

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2 days
Levico Terme (TN), Italy
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The maintenance courses of BLM GROUP Academy are developed to train operators to perform routine maintenance activities on the machine and keep production at the highest levels of efficiency.


Il corso sarà erogato attraverso la piattaforma MS Teams. Non è richiesto alcun account MS Teams, potrà partecipare tramite il link che riceverà via email.

Sono richiesti: PC con connessione internet, cuffie e microfono.


Operators and maintenance technicians of Lasertube CO2 systems: LT14, LT20 or LT24.


To train operators on how to perform efficient and regular advanced maintenance on Lasertube CO2 LT14, LT20 and LT24 systems and help them take part in remote assistance operations over the telephone effectively.


General system checks and liquid replacement:

  • Machine anchoring and levelling system tightness check.
  • Optical path bellows integrity check.
  • Front protection roller integrity check.
  • Scrap belt conditions check.
  • Oil change and cleaning and/or replacement of hydraulic unit filter.
  • Lubrication pump check.
  • Fume aspirator filter cartridge replacement.
  • Loading and unloading chains fastening check.

Tightening and greasing of pinion check, carriage movement check.
Maintenance and calibration of tail carriage spindles:

  • Roller and spindle jaw cleanness/conditions check.
  • Jaw and roller closing position check.

5-axis zero check and probe calibration.

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