One System, Infinite Solutions.

Complex jobs at your fingertips.

The latest evolution of the CNC machining heads can make complex profiles with even greater precision and reliability. Their use is entirely controlled by user interface with simple guided menus.

Add value to the part with radial machining.

In addition to axial machining, you can equip EM80 with an additional unit for radial drilling or milling operations along the entire length of the workpiece. The part acquires more value and you can avoid the need to place it on another machine tool to the benefit of final quality and productivity.

Integrated radial drilling and milling unit
Monitoring of cutting edge wear by measuring motor current consumption

Tool integrity always under control.

The wear of the cutting edges or even their breakage will not compromise the quality of your production because the spindle power information is always monitored providing timely indications to keep the quality of your parts constant.

Applications EM80.

Mechanical steel pin
Shaped hydraulic connector
Gas connectors with knurled gasket seats
Steel tie-rod with deep internal thread
Aluminum spacer
Tube machined with EM80
Gas connection nipple
Radial drilling on mechanical tie-rod

Technical specifications EM80

Workable diameter

Round tube cutting capabilities

min. .4" (10 mm) (opt. .24" - 6 mm) - max. 3.15" (80 mm)

Full bar cutting capability

max. 2.36" (60 mm)

Part length

min. 0.4" (10 mm) -max. 23.62" (600 mm)


Loading from bundle

fully automatic

Loading length

21' (6.5 m) - 28' (8.5 m) - 41' (12.5 m)


Cutting blade diameter

from 10.83" (275 mm) to 14.17" (360 mm)

Rotation speed (rpm)

20 - 4.000

Tool holder attachment

ISO40 / Varilock - ABS Komet

Stock removal unit

Spindle power (kW)


Cutting unit

Spindle power (kW)

7.5 (HSS) / 9.2 (HM)


Total installed power (kW)


Basic machine weight (kg)

28600 lb (13000 kg)

EM80 - Basic machine layout
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