One System, Infinite Solutions.

As flexible as a lathe, as productive as a transfer.

System for cutting and stock removal on tubes and solid rods
Round cross-section
tubes and solid bars
Machinable tube
.4" to 3.15"
(10 to 80 mm)
in diameter
Full bars up to
(60 mm)
in diameter
Part size
.6" - 24" (10 to 600 mm)
in length

Find your configuration in the array of possibilities

Your parts, even complex and with tight tolerances, machined from tubes or solid bars, produced quickly and of certified consistent quality.

Cutting to size, roughing and plunge milling, CNC turning, tapping, drilling and radial milling. And also for knurling, rolling, laminating, in addition to measuring and effective washing.

Machining of solid bars for making steel tie-rods

Three processing stations configured to get what you need

Workpiece processing stations and handling turrets

Three processing stations, each equipped with tools suited to the process operate at the same time on a turntable
that moves the parts in sequence towards the automatic unloading system:

1 - Cutting to size, ejecting.
2 - Plunge roughing, plunge finishing, CNC turning.
3 - Drilling, tapping, measuring, radial drilling, radial milling.

Cutting and unloading station with

Measured and certified part quality

All of your parts can be measured before being automatically unloaded to the external boxes.

Washing eliminates shavings and machining residues.
In this way, the entire production will be reliable and certified from the first to the last part.

Add value to the part

Choose an efficient solution for parts that you want to be drilled or radially milled.
A dedicated unit with three controlled axes drills radial holes along the entire length of the part, flattening and cutting cotters, in parallel with the other jobs.

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