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Bundles of tubes, one after the other without pausing

You can load a new bundle of tubes or bars into the 8818 lb (4000 kg) loader without stopping production. 

Choose from different lengths up to 41' (12.5 m).

Automatic bundle loader for tubes and bars without adjustments

Box change in the background

You decide how many parts you want to put in a box and when the batch is finished the machine continues to a second unloading position.
So you can empty the machine while the machine keeps working.

Be unstoppable!

Double unloading position for box changes in the background

Applications BC80.

Boccola di alluminio
Boccola di alluminio con smusso esterno
Boccola di acciaio da costruzione
Boccola per il settore idraulico
Rullo di acciaio ad elevato spessore per applicazione di meccanica pesante

Technical specifications BC80

Workable diameter

Round tube cutting capabilities

min. .4" (10 mm) (opt. .24" - 6 mm) - max. 3.15" (80 mm)

Full bar cutting capability

max. 2.36" (60 mm)

Part length

min. 0.4" (10 mm) - max. 13.75" (350 mm)


Loading from bundle

fully automatic

Loading length

21' (6.5 m) - 28' (8.5 m) - 41' (12.5 m)


Cutting blade diameter

from 10.83" (275 mm) to 14.17" (360 mm)

Rotation speed (rpm)

20 - 4,000

Tool holder attachment

ISO40 / Varilock - ABS Komet

Stock removal unit

Spindle power (kW)


Cutting unit

Spindle power (kW)

7.5 (HSS) / 9.2 (HM)


Total installed power (kW)


Basic machine weight

28600 lb (13000 kg)

BC80 - Layout macchina base
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