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Protube Express



planned production to optimize time and costs

Protube Express

Efficient production planning

A new tool called Protube Express, designed for production programming is available on the laser cutting machines manufactured by BLM GROUP.

Protube Express allows an accurate production estimate to be processed and the following to be obtained in advance:

  • the required number of bars according to the type of workpiece to be produced;
  • an estimate of the production time of the whole lot of a single machine, even of different types of workpieces and sections;
  • the early preparation of all the lots with the possibility of managing the associated laser tube machine yard, balancing the production load.

Thanks to Protube Express, the material waste is reduced to the minimum by setting the most advanced compacting planning techniques (nesting).

In this way, the bars already available are exploited or it is possible to evaluate the most convenient length to be arranged for the bars.

Transfer of the workpiece programmes organised on the basis of the various lots, towards one or more machines, is carried out automatically, according to internally optimised logics that can be fully customised.

Protube Express is compatible with all BLM GROUP machines, also less recent ones, and allows multi-machine production logics to be organised in a simple and efficient manner.