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orbital brushing for tubes


The new multi cut integrated sawing machine.

Presented at the TUBE 2010 this machine meets the  market demand for flexible and fully automatic systems for cutting, brush de-burring on both side also on short pieces, measuring and palletizing, integrated in one machine.

The new MULTIFLEX presents innovative solutions for bar loading and handling, ensures that all pieces are correct and certified.

The changeover time is extremely reduced, thanks to the high degree of automation of the unloading devices and on the working line.

Pieces can be unloaded in different positions and with different length, therefore MULTIFLEX is suitable for the machining of different production batches.

Because productivity is not to be measured in pieces per hour, but in the number of good pieces at the end of the working shift!

Find out the other features of this machine on the following page or contact us for further information.

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