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solutions of joints in structural sector


Steel tubes as a structural element

The Forum "The steel tubes as a structural element" took place in Rio de Janeiro On May 11th 2010.
The event, organised by the Brazilian Tubes and Metal Accessories Association - ABITAM, was attended by architects, engineers and various companies operating in the tube and pipe industry.
The advantages offered by the tube in the construction sector, fast execution, sustainability quality and architectural beauty of structures using tubes were examined.
The BLMGROUP, present as auditor, had the opportunity to share its experience as a manufacturer of laser cutting machines for tubes, especially in the structural field.
For this event a brochure illustrating several applications implemented in the structural field thanks to BLMGROUP laser-cutting machines was distributed.
With over 1000 systems installed for tube laser cutting, BLMGROUP proposes itself as a reference for tube application in the structural field (and not only), thus allowing sophisticated tube fitting and supporting solutions, that are otherwise impossible to implement with other cutting technologies.