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Global Efficiency

The whole process on finger tips

Production planning and control from a unique office workplace.
This is what you can achieve thanks to the software instruments arranged for all the BLM GROUP laser tube cutting machines.


With the new coming Protube Express in addition to CAD/CAM Artube and Part Viewer, it's now complete the software suite for an efficient production planning, an optimized use of main resources (human capital, machine, raw materials) and an effective management of the whole laser tube cutting process.


Quick design with CAD/CAM Artube

3D CAD-CAM for laser cut tubes processing
  • CAD and CAM in one integrated environment for fast switching from design to definition of all working conditions
  • completely parametric for standard sections (round, square, rectangle, elliptic, semi oval flat and others) and standard open profiles (L, U, C, H, I)
  • special sections and geometries internally definable or imported from other CAD tools through standard formats.
  • automatic setting of all opportune machine features for immediate transfer and safe production.
  • from the single piece to the complex frame, every CAD/CAM project is handled by an user friendly workflow which always generates consistent machine programs.

Comfortable programs management with Part Viewer

Calculation of piece time and costs, machining simulation
  • easy program selection in large archives
  • dynamic 3D simulation of parts to be produced
  • accurate estimation of piece execution time
  • detailed computation of piece cost, providing personal strategies for including fixed costs

Lean approach to production with Protube Express

production planning and 3D nesting
  • off-line creation and saving of complex production batches
  • balancing of the whole production among all available laser machines
  • direct selection of the bar length for minimizing material waste
  • accurate estimation of the whole production duration
  • totally free management of priorities and piece sequences on the bars
  • setting of all machine options (loading and unloading strategy, laser cutting parameters, nesting schemes)