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Success Stories


There is always a winning solution

Alpes Meccanica srl was born with a belief: to produce automotive mechanical components as economically as possible while safeguarding their quality.

tube endprocesssing phase

The activities of Alpes Meccanica s.r.l. from Pian Camuno (BS) have their origins in a simple concept: to find potential customers and offer them innovative technological solutions for mechanical components at lower cost particularly within the automotive sector. It's no coincidence that the feather in the company's cap is its production capacity, starting from a tube, and manufacturing airbag systems that enable, using sub contractors effectively, a reduction of 50% in the unit market price. The working of automotive components is typically mass produced and requires very tight quality standards; this therefore has encouraged the company to seek Vision 2000 certification.


Realising value added operations.

bush with turning and chamfering

"We wanted from the beginning to have an innovative approach to production problems" the Directors commented, "based on the fact that there are almost always different solutions to those normally used in the production of pieces. It's these solutions that have enabled us to become a unique company and to consider a policy of price reduction for these components. From the very start, we studied the traditional production methods used by the majority of manufacturers and then began to consider alternatives, based on the machines available on the market or of our own conception, design and construction. In this way we succeeded in creating more added value in the product."


An exciting example of innovative enterprise

"In the airbag system production line, the thing that created the most difficulty was the possibility of producing millions of units a year (equivalent to 3000 tonnes of tube per annum) while keeping within the tolerance restrictions required and maintaining quality. Fundamentally, it was our choice of the ADIGE CM502 machine, its ability for repetitive operations, its precision and its reliability in making two or three turns in the same sequence that enabled this. In fact we would have been unable to develop our technology within the company without putting in place an innovative solution to regularly and precisely feed our own processes. To be able to put in place machines which can cut 10,000/15,000 pieces a day without the need for constant control but, at the client's request, only at each 500, 1000 and 2000 pieces has made a secure economic return. Equally important is the machines' capacity for speedy repair and maintenance. The choice of ADIGE machines, above all, has been fundamental to our production creed.


Control gives added value to production

application in the automotive sector

The two CM502 cutting and deburring machines have been working constantly for more than three years and have produced many different pieces in the range using similar technology. They have minimized any operator interference with the process and at the same time reduced the possibility of errors thanks to the easy to use visual aids supporting the working cycle. Moreover, it is not now possible to lose control of materials and pieces in a production line destined for the automotive sector. Also from this standpoint, Alpes can demonstrate a production rigour and competence that the customer will always require.