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Success Stories


LT8 the new frontier in lasertube systems

The LT8 consolidates ADIGE's leadership in the lasertube cutting increasing the gap with other existing systems



automatic load for single beam

The LT8 combines the utmost flexibility and excellent performance in a single system. The vast dimensional range of tubes that can be worked (from 12 to 225 mm O.D. and up to 8,5m in length) makes it possible to cover a wide spectrum of services. At the same time, the performances that can be achieved are currently unmatched even on small size tubes.


Innovative machine software

3D CAD-CAM specific for pipes

The LT8 programming software has been designed using innovative criteria. Working cycles have been optimised to achieve excellent performance and an "intelligent" on-board operator user-friendly interface guides the operator.



Unloading system

guided unload of the piece

Unloading from a lasertube system is a delicate phase, which LT8 handles extremely well thanks to various options that consider the variability of tube sizes and geometry to be processed. A special centring feature allows superior consistency on long pieces while a separate conveyor belt guarantees maximum productivity.


3D Head

chamfering by 3D laser cutting

With the increase in size and thickness of tubes that can be processed, the need for a 3D cutting head often becomes an indispensable tool to fully meet the user's requirements. The LT8 is equipped with a fast moving "3D" head, which is extremely effective and precise in cutting a considerable thickness.


Loading systems

loading and automatic measurement of the beam

The idea was to provide the LT8 with several distinct loading stations - front and rear. They allow to follow the need of the operator either by interrupting a bulky production temporarily so that a small number of tubes can be cut urgently or so that a production batch can be prepared while the previous one is still being processed.