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Success Stories


A more complete range

With the acquisition of Officina Meccanica Montorfano Sas the BLM GROUP now adds high-tech wire and tube bending systems to its production range

the new line of wire bending machines

With the acquisition of Officina Meccanica Montorfano Sas Cantù (CO), a company specialised in the manufacture of patented double-head wire and tube bending systems, BLM SPA broadens its range of technological systems even further. As of 13 January 2009 all the design, production, sales and technical personnel has been incorporated in the BLM SPA headquarters at Cantù.


Full-speed ahead!!

The patented wire bending system with double head

Officina Meccanica Montorfano Sas has been in the business for over 40 years and is a completion to the range of high-tech tube bending systems with its high-production bending solutions for wire, bar, flat sections and for reinforced electrical heaters. The patented double-head automatic bending machines of the DH2000 series double the productivity and complete complex processes on wire and/or tube from precut bars or coils in a single cycle without any need for setup or adjustments. The advantages are many, but to name but a few:

  • High productivity thanks to the bending operation of the two heads at the same time
  • Left-hand/right-hand and variable radius bending on the same head using the same tool
  • Central locking of the piece to make closed and/or folded shapes and better control of piece deflection
  • Bending of twin pieces with automatic cutting to separate them after being bent
  • Suitable for pieces with prewelded or flexible parts and for bending reinforced electrical heaters

The main applications of the wire bending machines are


Seating components, brake - wiper - steering column tubes even preassembled with hose, jack lever reinforcements, torsion and anti-break-in bars

Domestic appliances

Wire racks and grids for ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators and gas hobs, tubular serpentine, reinforced electrical heaters

Internal-external furnishing

Bathroom fittings, wire and tube chairs, kitchen components and accessories

Shop equipment

Trolleys, baskets and display stands

Industrial building

Bar structures, reinforced concrete bars, structural grids, industrial heaters

Hospital equipment

Bed components and healthcare equipment, drip stand

Children and toys

Pushchair and pram frames and frames for toys, such as handles, pedals, etc.