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Success Stories


Tier 1 of the parent company

In the Polish facility of Viessmann, having to replenish the parent company means strictly observing production times, costs and quality. Since 2007 the BLM tube bending and end forming systems have considerably contributed to achieving these goals

The only production facility on Polish territory of the Viessmann Group, world leader in the production of heating systems, is located in the splendid city of Wroclaw, with its numerous cathedrals.

Mr. Waldemar Cwiklinski, engineer and purchasing manager explains how this facility produces 85% of the copper tube components and electrical cables for boilers that are assembled in the German facility of Allendorf, where the Group's headquarters are based.


Quality first and foremost

complex curves easily obtained

To supply the parent company means  having to strictly observe production times, costs and quality. To keep these aspects under control requires an efficient production organisation that is able to take action at various levels, from programming, material procurement, selection of production machinery that is suitable to guarantee quality and reliability.

An efficiently organised production cycle is essential to meet the delivery dates.  Production efficiency can be increased with just a simple change in the shop floor layout, but to be able to plan production efficiently you have to be able to count on reliable and fast production systems. "Here we are always looking to improve efficiency" says Cwiklinski.

Quality is, however, an aspect that is always mentioned without hesitation by Cwiklinski as being the most important. The company is certified from material selection to the purchase of adequate systems, which is all done according to strict procedures aimed at reaching the highest quality possible. Even the choice of machines to be used on the shop floor is influenced by these requirements and in view of this the purchase of quality machinery allows using a less expensive copper, although more difficult to process, with a saving compared to the competitor's quality.


Being number 1

bending and endforming process

The relationship with BLM started back in 2006 and in January 2007 the first PLANET machine was installed for the production of an end product that met the quality and repeatability requirements. A determining factor for an efficient use of the system was the technical assistance and Cwiklinski expressed his appreciation of the fact that BLM provided assistance in Poland with technicians who were able to speak Polish and were thus able to perfectly communicate with the system operators.

This was the first experience with BLM, but they were fully satisfied as regards delivery and installation. The initial start-up of the machine was followed by technical assistance and immediately a sound relationship of cooperation has been established.

The installation of a second machine, a TUBE-FORM end-forming system, confirms what has just been stated. The machine was purchased to carry out a second end-forming process after the PLANET system. Last, but not least is the E-TURN, which was purchased for larger, more complex core tubes. With this machine, the company has been able to benefit from the advantages of the all-electric technology to produce even complex bends with precision and ease. The automatic adjustments allow constant levels of performance to be reached and operating at the same set-up conditions, independently from the experience of the operator.

Being number 1 is not easy, but the versatility of the BLM machines has contributed to achieving this result.

Cwiklinski sees a bright future inasmuch as ecological requirements encourage innovation that heavily involves this sector, pushing towards the replacement of old products with new types of boilers with a lower impact on the environment. This makes us optimistic about the future. The crisis hit us, but now it's over.