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Success Stories


Being competitive without sacrificing added value

UNI-MECC, Italy, consistently achieves optimum performance and maintains competitiveness with their ADIGE CM502 Sawing and Machining Centres

bevelled bushes in the car industry

The mechanical engineering company, UNI-MECC srl, from Villanova near Turin, began in 1990because its founders Roberto Bruneri and Venanzio Peinetti believed that there was a healthy demand for the production of quality bushes for shock absorbers, anti vibration mountings and spacing collars for the automotive sector, earthmoving equipment and industrial vehicles. Today the company has become a benchmark in the industry for the production of bushes and spacers in steel and other metals; they produce 1.4 million components a month with 50% exported to Germany (and some to the USA) where they go to complete finished components for the well known German marques: Audi, Mercedes and VolksWagen.


From 2 hours down to 45 minutes

With ever increasing production demands, one of the prime objectives for UNI-MECC was to rationalise its operations to ensure it maintained its competitive edge without sacrificing added value. "The ADIGE CM502 machining centres, " states Fabio Rui who is responsible for the production and quality levels of the company," have helped us maximise our output with increases in production, quality and a decrease in downtime during product changeovers. The first CM502 was installed in 2003, the second arrived in 2004 and we immediately began double shift production. The most important benefits are in production changeovers that have been reduced by 200%; down from 2∏ hours to 45 minutes. Other benefits include the cutting speed for thick-wall tube which, thanks to the ADIGE CNC control system determining the cutting parameters automatically, gives lower cycle times."


To achieve one’s expectations

To achieve one’s expectations

" Also from a quality point of view," Rui goes on, " we have increased our levels of performance and expectancy; with in-line monitoring and control of all the parts produced, we have a guarantee of consistency within the design tolerances. This control is equally important for the internal integrity of thin wall tubes. Equally beneficial is that the components come off finish-machined and clean, needing no further operations. UNI-MECC's clients are extremely demanding and ask for total quality control down to tolerances of ±0.025mm. For this reason, the company rigorously employ the in-line inspection system incorporated in the ADIGE CM502 machining centres and for some parts (the thin wall tubes) inspect the internal component quality once again as an in-line process. Rui, who is responsible for quality control, emphasised with pride " We have ISO 9001 -2000 certification and we keep to the highest attainable limits of the standard for our very demanding customers. Our production decisions reinforce this logic. We are known for our quality, attention to specification and delivery times, which our customers really appreciate."