More power for your business

Tube bending machines for tubes up to 150 mm (6”) in diameter. Configurable for right or left hand bending

Efficiency first

You can use a blade cut off device directly on the ELECT to cut part the tube being processed.

This ensures:

  • simpler logistics by eliminating the additional operation needed to cut the part off on other equipment
  • shorter cycle time to make the part
  • one operation to be managed without rework
  • save time and floor space because no trimming equipment is needed

Minimum scrap. Maximum result

With expensive exotic materials and larger diameters, saving a few inches of tube on every part adds up over time to be a significant boost in profit margin.

To achieve these savings you need to hold, control and guide the tube right up until the last bend.

The ‘boost to tangent’ feature provides this control.

Search for holes and weld seams

The ELECT tube bending machines can be used to bend pre-processed laser cut tubes accurately.

It incorporates an effective system for identifying previous operations on the tube. The laser cut parts are correctly oriented and the system reliably detects the presence of holes, slots and beads (or other features) on the tube.

The advantages are many: increased production, guaranteed repeatability and part accuracy, eliminate of waste and acurrate results independent of the operator's skills

Piercing in-line

The ELECT can utilize special tooling to pierce in-line eliminating the need for a dedicated piercing or drilling device.
Programming is performed directly in VGP as part of the bending program.

Extremely efficient.

Quick tooling setup

Feasible and true.

Work Safely

A laser scanner can be used to dynamically manage the safety zone according to the dimensions of the part to be made.

An operator safey foot swtich can be used to guarantee safe loading and unloading without the risk of dropping or damaging the part.

Comfortable, isn't it?

Designed for comfort

Easy to read 19”screen with multi-touch capacitative sensing.

Intuitive graphical.

Interface using icons.

On board help

Are you a new user or do you only need a refresher?

You will find all the CNC help topics on the machine: instruction manual, maintenance tutorials, exploded part drawings to identify spare parts, and a video guide with ‘how to use’ tutorials.