To make all types of bends. A unique advantage

Tube bending machines for tubes up to 50.8 mm in diameter. In-process right-hand/left-hand bending

See what’s possible
Suited to all needs

The E-TURN is a very versatile system capable of adapting to multiple uses:

  • up to eight tools can be fitted at the same time
  • variable radius tools can be fitted to any tooling position (1, 2, 3… 8)
  • bend left or right handed
  • bend both fixed and variable radius bends in one cycle

Quick tooling setup

Quick tool changes (clamp die, die, wiper die, slides).

Work Safely

A laser scanner can be used to dynamically manage the safety zone according to the dimensions of the part to be made.

An operator safety foot switch can be used to guarantee safe loading and unloading without the risk of dropping or damaging the part.

Search for holes or weld seams

The E-TURN tube bending machines can be used to bend pre-processed laser cut tubes accurately.

It incorporates an effective system for identifying previous operations on the tube. The laser cut parts are correctly oriented and the system reliably detects the presence of holes, slots and beads (or other features) on the tube.

The advantages are many: increased production, guaranteed repeatability and part accuracy, eliminate of waste and accurate results independent of the operator's skills.

Piercing in-line

The E-TURN can utilize special tooling to pierce in-line eliminating the need for a dedicated piercing or drilling device.

Programming is performed directly in VGP as part of the bending program.



Extremely efficient.

Designed for comfort

Easy to read 19” screen with multi-touch capacitive sensing.

Intuitive graphical.

Interface using icons.

On board help

Are you a new user or do you only need a refresher?

You will find all the CNC help topics on the machine: instruction manual, maintenance tutorials, exploded part drawings to identify spare parts, and a video guide with ‘how to use’ tutorials.