Simplifying tubular frame assembly

Exploit laser cutting to reduce complexity and welding costs

Initial situation

The precise construction of tubular frames requires time and skill to prepare for welding. It is not unusual to employ jigs and fixtures to correctly positioning each element. The the end result depends greatly on the operator's skill and experience.

The solution

With the use of laser cutting, the parts that make up a tubular frame can be designed to reduce assembly time and guarantee positioning accuracy for welding. Using the features of Artube, the CAD/CAM software for designing and programming tubular parts, adding these features is a quick and easy task.

The benefits

Artube is a CAD package expressly dedicated to tubes and capable of simplifying these operations better than other generic design tools.

Technical aspects

Artube allows not only to draw frames of all levels of complexity and optimize them with various interlocking joints but also to improve on designed created in other CAD packages and imported into Artube.