Success story


Initial situation

Nitator is a Swedish company that has been operating as a subcontractor in the heavy automotive field since 1983. They produce chassis for their main customers: Volvo and Scania. Nitator is considered to be a consultant that makes very high quality products in addition to being a service provider for high level technical and logistic support.


The philosophy of the company has always been to invest in technology to maintain a high product value. Depending on secondary subcontractors for processing tubes often meant that Nitator could not achieve the required quality standards. The arrival of a Lasertube system marked a turning point for them.

The solution

The BLM GROUP LC5 revolutionised the manufacturing activities of Nitator. Process automation eliminated the errors inherent in manual processes while improved cutting accuracy guaranteed greater reliability during the robotic welding process. Now material goes from a raw state to finished, ready to weld, part all in a single work station.  The ability to optimize material utilisation provides a considerable boost to productivity.

The benefits

Prototyping with a laser system is an easy and flexible task, suited to make geometries that before were simply unthinkable: for companies like Nitator, the strength of which is in their know-how, it is very important to be able to count on versatility to tailor new solutions for customers. Furthermore, choosing a BLM GROUP system also means being able to rely on an effective technical support group for spare parts and quick on-site assistance.

Technical aspects

Laser reliability and versatility guarantees  greater cutting efficiency, high productivity and high quality results. The reduction in electrical consumption plus the elimination of hard tooling combine to reduce operating  costs. The complete LT Combo system with Ragno Speed automatic loading system makes unmanned operation possible without compromising quality.