Success story

BenCo Technology

Initial situation

BenCo Technology is a Pennsylvania-based subcontractor. They do not only manufacture to customers’ specifications but are also involved in product development to suggest improvements. It all started in 1998 when they purchased their first laser cutting system.


Having seen it in operation, they were soon persuaded that the Lasertube LT8 was the right solution to slash the production cost of parts needing repositioning and to contain the cost of material cut to size.

The solution

The Lasertube machine was decisive for company development. Two or three parts could be replaced by only one tube: this simplified complex products and reduced costs. In welding alone, it made it possible to save 35% of time. Appreciated aspects are also robustness of the machine and efficiency of automatic, continuous part unloading with no need for manual operations. Furthermore, the machine can obtain good results on imperfect tubes by using specific compensation functions.

The benefits

Using a laser is easy and boosts production efficiency. Furthermore, by eliminating tooling costs and considerably decreasing prototyping costs, it means that they could offer lower prices to customers. And this opened the way to win jobs that were simply unthinkable before.

Technical aspects

The versatility and flexibility of the laser ensure greater cutting efficiency and makes it possible to process complex shapes efficiently and obtain clean high quality results. Electric consumption is reduced, as its maintenance costs, for the absence of mechanical parts subject to wear.