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technical support to the customer


Available for our customers:




interactive training on laser machines


This is a state-of-the-art PC-learning instrument consisting on audio-video lessons on machine working and programming. Lessons are then followed by tests to check your   degree of learning.

You can also select single topics.



To help you expand your knowledge of specific topics (i.e. CAD-CAM), we can arrange focused training via Web Conference. Teacher and learner share visual content of the lessons over the web in phone conference.



Basic training

Adige-sys headquarter

Basic training provides and expands the basic concepts of manufacturing technologies as well as machine working and programming. Training takes places at BLM Group production sites with machinery available for practise and in dedicated class-rooms.





Customised training

Customised training intended to suit the diversity of our customers takes place either at BLM Group production sites or at customer' premises prearranging time and topics.