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after-sales support worldwide


Available for our customers:


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Teleservice / On-line diagnosis

remote technical support via Internet

A simple internet connection enables our engineers to log into the machine CNC for prompt and accurate troubleshooting.



WRT (Webcam Remote Teleservice)

WRT is a new web-based audio-video service. By means of a Smartphone Web APP and a good quality connection, our remote engineer and your operator can see the same thing at the same time. In a few words, another way to saving time and expense.



Web Conference (Remote audio-video connection)

Designed for all programmers using BLM Group software packages, Web Conference provides real-time support via remote connection. Our engineer can intervene on the remote computer on-line to demonstrate software functions and give the proper tips.



Hot Line

audio and video connection between the machine operator and our service

Customers calling our service centres find polite, skilled and helpful professionals ready to find the best solutions for their problems.



On-site service

When a service on-site is necessary, our skilled engineers are ready for quick and prompt interventions.


Find the nearest Service Centre