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The lightweight metal construction conceals a heavy intelligence that matches aesthetics, safety and economic advantage. A construction detail can encompass sophisticated technologies or express the simplest living functionality.
The manufacturing of active facades, that let light pass through, and airflows passage in the cavity, improve the microclimate comfort, reducing the need for electricity and heating. For these reasons, the use of metal structures is increasingly widespread in the structural field.

Laser technology offers a series of advantages in the structural field, with special reference both to mechanical properties and to applications relating to tubular steel structures. Its use, when compared to traditional technologies, allows the designer greater architectural freedom and increased efficiency at both structural and productive levels. Thanks to self-referencing joints, the equipping costs are considerably reduced for the subsequent welding phase and the installation is much easier.

The BLM GROUP, thanks to its thirty years of experience in the laser tube field, is in a position to offer the most appropriate production solutions for this area.