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EM80: machine for working of tubes and bars ends

Pipe Cutting and Endmachining line EM80

CNC tube and solid bar sawing
and machining centre

The EM80 CNC pipe cutting and machining centre has a capacity of O.D. 10 to 80 mm on a workable piece length of up to 600 mm.

It is a CNC programmable and fully integrated manufacturing system which takes random stock length of solid bar and tube, cuts it to length , then simultaneously machines both ends, in-line measuring and final components unloading.

Multiple and complex secondary machining processes can be completed after saw cutting including:

  • Chamfering
  • Facing
  • turning
  • threading
  • axial drilling
  • CNC turning

For materials with hardness up to 1200N/mm² we recommend Cermet cutting tools.

The EM80 machining centre is widely used for automotive components (suspension spacers, anti vibration bushes, engine support, steering columns, etc.) for motorcycle (chain rollers, shock absorber lining, cylinders barrels, hubs, etc.) precision components (bearing, rollers, pump and engine shafts, bolts, nits).

Ends machining 3D heads


Complex profiles turning operations are made possible by the adoption of three axis self-balancing CNC controlled Radial Movement Heads.

These ADIGE-SYS patented devices are able to move along three rigidly interpolated axes and can be installed at both sides of a machining station, to operate at one or both ends of the parts

Bundle loader


The bundle loader has a lifting capacity of 4,000 kg and can be loaded at any time, allowing the production to continue without interruptions.

The single bar of length up to 6.5 m (optionally 8.5 m or 12 m) is automatically loaded and fed to the trim cut position.

Finished parts unloading


A conveyor brings the finished parts toward a two position deviator-chute. When the front bin is full (the number of parts can be specified in the user-program), the deviator-chute automatically switches its position to allow the parts to drop into the rear bin (and vice-versa).

The operator has the time to empty the filled-up bin, without loosing any production time.



Any production can be length measured and certified.

The parts which are requested to be length inspected, are measurable by mounting on top of the normal operating units two measuring heads holding two adjustable probes which can cover the entire range of part diameters.