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CM512: machine for working of tubes and bars ends

BC80: Pipe Cutting and Endmachining

Tube and solid bar sawing
and end machining

Highly productive and completely automated machine BC80 can produce pieces cut to length, chamfered and measured, starting from either tube or solid bar.

BC80 is both the highest performing and cost effective machine on the market designed forround the clock production of bushings up to 80 mm (3.15") diameter and lengths from10-350 mm (0.4" to 13").

The BC80 machining centre can be profitably applied in automotive sector for high volumes bushing production.



  • completely automated operation
  • chips and scrap drops managed separately
  • tubes are protected from scratches
  • all tube diameter changeover adjustments done from a single location
  • simplified operator graphical interface
  • dynamic washing / flushing of the cut parts
  • tool wear monitoring
  • in process part measurement and 100% part inspection to print